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Patient Stories

Chronic Pain / Digestive Troubles
I went to Evelyn for chronic back/neck/shoulder tension from long hours at the computer. I had previously been to acupuncturists in Chinatown and on the UWS and liked the results, but I was frustrated with their weak communication skills and smiles/nods/short and vague answers. I was delighted to meet Evelyn! She chose this career after a more traditional job and loves the constant learning, and she is HIGHLY responsive and interested in the results of her work. She is thorough, easy to talk to, and provides a level of attention that is what I deliver in my own work. Evelyn is 100% professional yet still personal. Like a therapist , doctor, and spa visit, all in one!

Though I'm happy with her work on my back, that is not why I offered to write a review. I have had an "upset stomach" forever. I chalked it up to genes - both grandmothers died from Crohn's disease problems. Let's just say that Imodium was my good friend. I am SO HAPPY that I told Evelyn about my stomach; her face lit up, "I am going to fix this!" Yes, it is a bit awkward to discuss details of bowel issues, but I am shocked at the positive results. My regular MD offered pills and lifestyle changes that didn't work for me, and I was managing fine, though with some inconvenience. After Evelyn's treatment (many stomach needles), I specifically didn't change any habits, just to see what would happen. WOW! I am so surprised at the improvement. It took a few weeks to see big results, but WOW. The results were so far beyond what I would have thought possible for me.

After 7 visits, I haven't taken Imodium in over a month, I don't worry about being close to a bathroom at all times, and I didn't realize how much I was managing my life around my upset stomach. It is just amazing to be largely freed of this annoyance. I can't say that I understand why this works, but it does. Evelyn is honest about what she can help with and why, and she EXPLAINS. My highest compliments and thanks to Evelyn!

Chronic Neck / Back Pain
I have several old injuries that have left me with chronic neck and upper back pain. I went through years of physical therapy and the effects were never long-lasting. I had been searching for a good acupuncturist and I saw what great reviews Evelyn received and I thought I'd give her a try. I liked her seconds after I met her because she actually cares about me and wants me to feel better. And, literally, after she put a few needles in, I knew I had found my new acupuncturist. I had more mobility in my neck, all the tightness and pain when moving my head was knocked down from a 9 to a 2 (on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the worst pain).

One thing you should definitely know, it's not a one shot and you're cured kind of treatment. You need to put in the time to get the results you want and from my experiences, after a couple visits, you will truly feel the benefits. Also, you should know that after the first visit, you may feel worse but I can only explain that as it's all the evil stuff that causes your pain working it's way out of you. You may be discouraged but give it a chance to work because by the second visit, you will understand. You will feel better and will be addicted to the sessions cause they are so relaxing and you will leave feeling great. Acupuncture is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who lives with chronic pain and is looking for some real, long-lasting results.

Evelyn is courteous, professional and most importantly, knows what she is doing! I had been to several other acupuncturists who seemed to care more about the clock and my money rather than my well being. Evelyn is willing to spend the time with you to make sure you are feeling better, whether it be an hour or two. I highly recommend her!!!!

I was -- or should I say am -- afraid of needles, but my doctor's office suggested that I try acupuncture while my husband and I were trying to conceive our first baby. I was scared, but Evelyn Chan is an extremely gentle, sympathetic acupuncture practitioner. She understood the anxiety that someone afraid of needles might experience while starting an acupuncture treatment, and was wonderfully understanding and patient. I highly recommend Evelyn to newbies to acupuncture. I went regularly and received fertility-related acupuncture (Evelyn specializes in this area, among others). And I'm happy to say that we are expecting! The treatment also helped me with other health issues, such as stress relief. She is also helpful in terms of offering supplemental treatments, such as cupping and even delicious traditional Chinese recipes that might help one's ailments!
Fertility / IVF
I went to Evelyn Chan because my infertility doctor told me acupuncture can greatly increase odds of success of an IVF cycle. I started a few weeks before my cycle and when it came time to get my usually very high FSH tested, it was lower than it EVER had been. Not to mention, my body reacted quickly to the injections (had my egg retrieval a week earlier than most!) and produced an incredibly healthy crop of eggs, all of which fertilized. Evelyn has helped me deal with the stress of the treatments and injections I am enduring. As a bonus, she's even helped my stress-related sleepwalking! Evelyn is an attentive listener, very accomodating to my hectic schedule and makes me feel extremely comfortable and confident. I really feel that Evelyn cares deeply about my success and well being. She is an entirely pleasant to be around-- highly recommended!

Chronic Back Pain / Knee Pain
I went to Evelyn due to chronic back pain. When I first met with her she asked me to rate my pain on a scale of one to ten. That day it was a ten and I could barely sit down.

Five minutes into my treatment I felt a huge difference. My pain went down from a ten to a two--within minutes and I could sit comfortably!

I am also being treated for horrible knee pain...needless to say,

Evelyn has helped that tremendously! I found [her] by reading Citysearch reviews and I am so glad I did.

I called around to a few other acupuncturists in the city and Evelyn was by far the best one. She is wonderful at what she does.

She is attentive, caring, gentle and EXTREMELY knowledgeable.

There is a warmth and a peacefulness to her practice and she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I tried may other forms of treatment prior to coming to [her] and NOTHING worked as well. I only wish I went to her sooner. I am forever grateful for her treatment.

Pain from Bulging Discs
I visited Evelyn Chan on April 13, 2006 for the first time; my experience after leaving her office was quite refreshing and most of all I felt different from the way I came in actually having my back slouched to my knees. Upon leaving there that evening I felt like a new person. The way Evelyn spoke and most of all she listens to your complaints. With someone like her who has ears to hear thats all that I wanted. I was troubling with two bulging discs in my lower back (L4 and L5) which was affecting my left leg. I could not have asked for anything better than her. This is no joke. Her tender touch and soft instrumental music helped heal my pains. Before I tried acupuncture, all my friends were telling me to try it and low and behold none of them had tried it before. I am not 100% back to normal but close. Than you Evelyn for great inspiration and guidance.

Insomnia / PMS
Evelyn M. Chan has helped me a great deal through acupuncture to overcome strong pains in my spine. I came to her office feeling a lot of pain and in 2 months I was feeling very much better. It is now several months later and I no longer feel the pain which made it very difficult for me to live life the way I wanted to.

Acupuncture also helped battle insomnia and today I sleep a lot better. It also helped me with severe PMS difference that was readily noticed by my family.

With acupuncture I am seeking equilibrium in my body and Evelyn is helping me with her excellent work. I can say she is a serious professional who strives to improve the health of her patient. I am very grateful to her.

Stiff / Tense Back
At my job, I spend all day in front of the computer. Over time, I developed a stiff/tense back. Finally, my back pain got so bad and nothing seemed to alleviate it - I decided to try acupuncture and called Evelyn.

Evelyn examined my back and knew all the right spots that were bothering me. I was afraid of the needles, but without noticing it, Evelyn placed six needles on my back as I spoke about my condition. She explained how she would stimulate the needles to increase circulation, and I began to feel a pleasant warm sensation in the back. After the treatment, I felt more relaxed overall, and my back felt renewed.

The entire process was painless and my back pain was totally relieved. Had I tried acupuncture sooner, I would not have suffered back pain for so long.

Vertigo / Anxiety
For over a year I have been a chronic sufferer of vertigo and anxiety. I tried EVERYTHING, literally. Finally, cynical me, as a last resort I gave acupuncture a try. I have been working with Evelyn for a month now and after every treatment my anxiety is dissolved, and after each treatment I notice the anxiety staying away for longer periods of time. I am simply amazed. On top of everything else Evelyn is such a caring woman. She is so kind and personable, she takes her time and makes you feel comfortable. She is gentle and instills an environment of safety.

Wrist Bone Fracture
I slipped on ice this past winter and suffered a fracture to my wrist. I barely escaped needing surgery, but had to wear a cast for 2 months, and recently started physical therapy. After 9 sessions in 4 weeks of physical therapy, my wrist was slow to show any improvement. I still experienced pain, had trouble rotating my wrist and my forearm felt very stiff.

Frustrated by the slow progress, I decided to go see Evelyn for acupuncture. After my first session with her, I was surprised that my pain and stiffness diminished significantly and my wrist was able to rotate 45 degrees more than before the treatment. I woke up the next morning and my wrist felt better than it has felt in a long time. I plan to continue with acupuncture while doing physical therapy and trust that the two together will help for a quicker recovery

Shin Splints
I'm an avid runner and cyclist, but recently I developed shin splints from wearing the wrong sneakers while running. A co-worker spoke about how Acupuncture relieved him of a knee injury, so I decided to try it. After only two Acupuncture treatments with Evelyn Chan at Balanced Health, I was able to start back running. Previously, I hadn't been running for almost six months, but I was back on my feet in time for Spring...Acupuncture has been one of the most relaxing, spa-like experiences; and Evelyn Chan is very good at it.
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